TransaAkcija at Ljubljana pride 2023

Transfeminist Initiative TransAkcija Insitute enables support, informing, empowerment and alliance of transgender and gender non-conforming persons in Slovenia, and we are the first and only non-govermental organization devoted specifically to human rights of transgender persons in the country.

Securing visibility of trans persons and topics, empowering trans persons and contributing to capacity and community building of trans persons. Acknowledging and educating about trans and gender non-conforming persons’ specific needs and human rights within all predominant areas of public and private life, aiming towards justice for persons of all genders.

Securing and enhancing (temporal or long-term) legitimacy, visibility, safer &/or inclusive spaces, and legislative recognition of trans persons, most of which is currently unattainable for us in Slovenia. In 20 years from our formation we hope that being out as trans wouldn’t automatically be accompanied with immense fear and stigma. The trans community would consist of diverse persons of all gender identities & expressions and embodiments, transphobia within the community would be understood as toxic. Legal gender recognition would be based on self-determination, there would be accessible health care for persons who want to transition, regardless of their identity, sexual orientation and age, following a medical protocol based on standards of care by WPATH. Trans specific social, educational, legal and communal services would be developed and operate in a sustainable holistic manner, an increased number of trans persons would believe they are worthy of wellbeing and joy.

Our work includes but is not limited to; addressing and legitimizing human rights, specificities and needs of transgender and gender non-conforming people, being an actor in the formation of a transgender and gender non-conforming community and addressing legal and systemic erasure of transgender and gender non-conforming persons from legislative and social structures with advocacy for transgender human rights.

Our activities include:

Our main values are rooted in transfeminism, anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-fatphobia, pro sex work, anti biological essentialism.  We strive for a norm-critical approaches while working towards advocating justice for people of all genders. We believe in social justice principles and intersectionality, and work with constant addressing of power relations and privileges.

Trans Day of Remembrance, 2019. Photo: Niko Lapkovski

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